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SERGE LUTENS La vierge de fer

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Description: Floral

Notes: Lily, Pear, Sandalwood.

Embodying the softness hidden within a toughened exterior, the Serge Lutens La Vierge de fer Eau de Parfum is a unisex floral blend that leaves your inner truth exposed. Conjuring an image of an iron maiden, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the perfume peels back her thorny exterior to reveal the blooming lily within.

A concoction that’s born of torturous sublimity, the scent places the enigmatic Lily at the heart of the perfume. It’s a flower that’s often associated with purity, giving the scent a delicate quality that’s wrapped in fresh Pear and warm Sandalwood. Carefully unfurling into a graceful presence, it’s a soul-searching fragrance that invites the wearer to really bring forth the part of ourselves so often hidden from others.

The Eau de Parfum is part of a line that reflects the image of Serge Lutens himself. Each scent has a highly distinctive signature, yet all of the perfumes are tied together by their shared individuality. The fragrances effortlessly weave their own stories while sharing packaging that’s crisp and minimalistic. Straight-lined and angular, the bottle only reveals itself when sprayed onto skin, hinting once more at what is hidden within.