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SERGE LUTENS L’orpheline - ScentsForever
SERGE LUTENS L’orpheline - ScentsForever

SERGE LUTENS L’orpheline

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Notes: Incense, Castoreum, Musk.

Cocoon your skin in the Serge Lutens L'orpheline Eau de Parfum. Mysterious and complex, the perfume is an olfactive journey through shades of grey to reveal an intricate accord. Finding the balance between unity and fragility, the fragrance is a trip down memory lane, evoking a simultaneously crisp and blurred perspective of nostalgia.

Inviting and intense, the fragrance merges potent notes to create a smoky aroma. The herbaceous and intoxicating hue of Incense intermingles with the warm scent of Castoreum, a warm and leathery accord distinct in its bittersweet fragrance. Finally, the earthy note of musk ignites the senses, gracing the skin with a dark yet magical perfume.

Crafted from premium grade raw materials, Serge Lutens favours natural ingredients for its masterpieces. House in a sleek glass bottle, decorated with branding and topped with a midnight black cap