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Serge Lutens Écrin de Fumée 50ml - ScentsForever

Serge Lutens Écrin de Fumée 50ml

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Infused with the sweet and sensual scent of tobacco, this is a poetic ode to those who burn life at both ends.
To those for whom excess is a way of life, who love celebrating the pleasures of living in the most opulent luxury. To those who know that time flies so fast that life must be lived intensely and celebrated to the hilt.
Living dangerously has its limits, and disenchantment is inevitable. When the party ends and the smokescreen falls, lost illusions resurface. A tragic and fascinating reality check.

“Quick, quick, the world is ending! Our very existence needs urgent tending.
Amid the roar of the cannons, the champagne flows. Corks in the air, could they be aflame?
Beneath the smokescreen, life is a decadent game.”

Serge Lutens