SERGE LUTENS Fleurs de citronnier
SERGE LUTENS Fleurs de citronnier

SERGE LUTENS Fleurs de citronnier

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Top Note: Lemon Tree Flowers.
Heart Note: Jasmine.
Base Note: Musk.

Cloak your skin in the vibrant hues of the Serge Lutens Fleurs de Citronnier Eau de Parfum. Light and airy, the fragrance uplifts the senses with a refreshing accord, guiding the mind through an olfactive journey. Punctuated with floral notes, this sensory bouquet is evocative of a garden in full bloom.

The opening of Lemon Tree Flowers ignites the sense, inviting interest with a colourful accord as the perfume leads you through a secret garden. Moving deeper into the perfume’s very own Eden, the delicate heart of Jasmine suddenly comes into full view. Seamlessly blended with the earthy note of Musk, the base represents the fresh soil, ground for growth and inspiration.

Carefully crafted, the bottle is luxury glass work – polished, bevelled and hammered to perfection. Transparent and pure, the vessel encases the beauty of the natural world that inspires this perfume. Crafted from premium grade raw materials, Serge Lutens favours natural ingredients for its masterpieces.