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Molinard Habanita EDP 75ml - ScentsForever

Molinard Habanita EDP 75ml

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A real olfactory kaleidoscope, it transforms and enchants you over the hours. And the magic operates again and again ...
There is a lemon disguised as a licorice, a rose whose petals seem cut from sheepskin, a vanilla that can come out of a cigar cellar, an amber worthy of an aphrodisiac potion of a Byzantine apothecary and many others Scents again ... from the famous vetiver-vanille-Patchouli chord emerges an improbable alliance, a mysterious alchemy that we would not dare to belong to the same perfume. Habanita evolves towards powdery notes, very subtle, which often dedicate it to women, but many men have been able to appropriate it. Its eastern wooded background is an absolute delight for comfort for these gentlemen. Harmonious in its voluptuousness, Habanita leaves an impression of balance under the fiery fire. A perfume that marks and invariably notice.