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Michel - French Oak & Sage Imperiale Parfum by Michel Germain

Michel - French Oak & Sage Imperiale Parfum by Michel Germain

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French Oak & Sage Imperiale can be worn by either gender, but leans masculine.

Say Something Breathtakingly Beautiful About You

Every Chateau palace garden has a magical story to tell.

In these gardens of grandeur, flowers were chosen to send hidden messages of love enrobed in breathtaking beauty. It is this harmony of secret floral messages and royal beauty that are captured in Michel Perfume.

French Oak & Sage Imperiale
Message of Love: I love you with an enchanting, immortal, protective love.

Sumptuous. Spirited. Enchanting.

Green Fig Leaf mixed with the soft, sumptuous earthiness of French Sage Imperial. Fresh Cedarwood entwined with Royal French Oak are reminiscent of an enchanting royal forest. Opulent Bergamot Peel drifts throughout for alluring depth.

Type: Woody

TOP: Fig Leaf, Bergamot Peel

MIDDLE: French Sage Oil

HEART: Cedarwood, French Oak, Sandalwood