Michael Malul Jet Black Platinum 100ml
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Michael Malul Jet Black Platinum

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Jet Black Platinum is charming, alluring…and has a penchant for the color black, especially all-black, custom-tailored designer suits. You can’t miss him with that cheeky smile as he hands you a business card for his newest nightclub opening tonight before disappearing into the back of an Escalade. His fragrance sticks to the card, an exotic, sweet aroma that you just can’t get enough of as you bring the card to your nose one more time.

An intriguing opening of lavender and spice sets a seductive tone while mid notes of toffee and cinnamon complement with just the right amount of sweetness. Notes of suede, vanilla, and amber embolden all who wear it–this type of person knows exactly what they want.

Top Notes: Spice, Lavender 
Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Toffee 
Base Notes: Vanilla, Suede, Amber